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[18+] Lala Viva & Joe De Barbara Selfie Surprise Seduction Collector Scene

Lala Viva & Joe de Barbara Selfie Surprise Seduction Collector Scene. Lala and boyfriend Joe wake up in the morning and after Joe leaves for work at the barbershop, Lala takes some selfies of herself to send to her fans at the Nugget, the strip club where she works at night.. But when Joe unexpectedly returns and catches this indescression, he decides that Lala shall send some extremely explicit images of herself to her fans. Out comes his cock and in her mouth it goes. “Send these!” he commands, and she does. He strips her naked, fucks her, and commands that she send penetration pictures. She does. Lala looses herself in the sex, Joe pops in her face, and those selfies soon arrive at the Club.. Joe prepares to depart, and just when Lala thinks all is well she is appalled when Joe takes her phone away, so he can “show all the guys at the barbershop what a good little cocksucker you are!”.