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[18+] Xconfessions - Girl On Girl

XConfessions – Girl on Girl. 'I confess! I am watching a lot of lesbian porn. Not the usual crap where two Barbie dolls lick each other's fake tits and make 'O-Faces' at the camera. I mean the kind where two lesbians fuck with wild abandon and have the most amazing orgasms ever!'. 'I work as a masseuse for a swanky establishment with high profile clientele. Needless to say, this is not a place selling happy endings, but I have a secret. Some clients are too delicious to resist, and then my hands tend to wander. If they're cool with it ? and let's face it, they all are ? I work with my whole body'.. If this sounds like the kind of porn you like to watch then buckle up and get ready for a wet and WILD ride with these sexy lesbians who are more interested in a good 69 instead of pleading the 5th! Multi-orgasmic brunches, leisurely solo bath-times, dildo dipping and even strap-on stroking are what these girls need the most behind closed doors..